Business & Office – 1010 W. Waveland, Chicago, IL

1010 W. Waveland
Chicago, IL

Rooftop Bleachers
New 20,000 sf rooftop bleachers project in Wrigleyville set atop an existing 3 story brownstone apartment building. The challenge was to elevate and expand the then current buildings much more modest rooftop viewing venue to accommodate up to 200 persons. The Chicago Cubs had recently made the decision to expand Wrigley Field’s outfield bleachers up and over the public way sidewalks along Sheffield andWaveland Avenues, thereby blocking the views to the field for all of the rooftop bleachers. After a long negotiation with the Wrigleyville Rooftop Owner’s Association and the City of Chicago, the Wrigleyville Rooftop Ordinance,which governs the structures on the buildings along these 2 streets, was revised to allow bleacher systems to be built as high as 60 feet above grade. Given the extremely tight sight property conditions and the habitable apartments below, the solution very creatively and efficiently was the construction of this mega-bleacher structure that sits entirely upon the existing building masonry bearing walls and shallow spread footings. A new roof deck structure made entirely of steel decking and concrete slab holds amenities such as restrooms, dining and beverage bars and green roof elements such as landscaping planters.